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Arno Theron

Air Roasting, The path less taken

Have you ever had the unpleasant taste of burnt or bitter coffee in your mouth, or even worse, experienced a sour aftertaste in your stomach?
Usually these characteristics are attributed to a particular style of roast or a roast brand.
In most cases the roasting equipment is the cause for bad & undesired flavors.
With Air Roasted coffee there is a BIG difference to that roasted by means of the Drum Roasting method.
With Air Roasted coffee one tastes the coffee not the roaster.

The reason for this is very simple:

  • In an Air Roaster the hot air does the roasting, not the surface of the Roaster.
  • In a Drum Roaster, the beans tumble inside a hot rotating drum, touching the hot surfaces, pretty much like concrete inside a concrete mixer. Heat is thus transferred into the beans by means of conduction. Beans are eventually scorched on the outside while still being dried on the inside, causing the bitter & hard taste normally experienced with Drum roasted coffee.
  • In an Air Roaster, the beans are forced to tumble continuously around inside the Roasting Chamber by means of HOT AIR being forced into the chamber from the bottom and exhausting out at the top. The beans are thus suspended & moving around in hot air throughout the whole process. This heating process is called convection.
Air Roasted coffee has a very clean, intensely aromatic taste, less the acids & bitter tars that are produced by conventional Drum Roasters.
They also produce coffees with amazing clarity & sweetness.
Fruit & floral cupping notes are present in the cup to an extent that simply isn’t possible with a traditional Drum Roaster.
Because a suitable Air Roaster could not be found, we designed and built our own aty Rubia Roastery

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